LEVEL 1 - Saturday May 7

Level 1 Requirements: Cartwheel, round off, back walkover, round off back walkover, toe touches

Flyer - lib, heel stretch, arabesque

Base - 1st floor, one leg stunt on knee

LEVEL 2 - Saturday May 7

Level 2 Requirements: Standing back handspring, back walkover back handspring, round off back handspring

Flyer - extension, barrell roll, 1st floor heel stretch, arabesque

Base - Half up to extension, 1st floor one leg stunt

LEVEL 3 - Saturday May 7

Level 3 Requirements: Jump to back handspring, round off handspring tuck, standing series

Flyer - extension heel stretch, arabesque and lib, full down

Base - full up, ball up

LEVELS 4 & 5 - Saturday May 7

Level 4 Requirements: Standing series to layout, round off handspring layout, standing tuck

Flyer - switch up to stretch full down, kick full

Base - full up to extension, switch ups

Level 5 Requirements: Round off handspring full, standing series to full, 3 jump series to tuck

Flyer - tick tock stretch double, kick double

Base - full up to one leg, tick tocks


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RAH Energy gym, where it's at!

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  • 18-19 mar2016
    SLC National Championships
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Come support the RAH Elite All-Stars as they compete for the championship at the Salt Lake City National Championships. NOTE: This is a two day competition!