WELCOME TO RAH! ENERGY GYMwe would like to thank you for your participation and your confidence in us!

Our Philosophy

It is our focus at Rah! to provide a positive learning environment to help each athlete achieve their goals. We want every child to excel not only in all aspects of the sport, but to learn life lessons concerning work ethic, commitment, dedication, perseverance, friendship, respect and team work!

Our Mission

Throughout a person's life, they will be put in situations where they must sacrifice to reap the rewards. Whether in school, careers, marriage or family life, team work is a lifetime lesson that becomes much more valuable than tumbling skills. The most important thing we hope our athletes learn from our program is about sportsmanship, working together towards a common goal, and winning and losing like a champion! Our coaches are highly committed to the sport of cheerleading, and helping your child become their very best.

What We Do

We are confident that you will see individual improvement in skill level and confidence as the year progresses, but success and confidence you experience as a result of hard work is the ultimate reward. By choosing Rah! Elite for your child's cheerleading training, you are choosing a program that does not promote "winning at all costs." Sportsmanship, integrity and treating others with respect come first.

It is our goal for our teams to become more successful each year and we invite you to join us in our quest for excellence.



HERE IS SOME OF WHAT RAH! HAS TO OFFER:♦ cheer ♦ tumble ♦ cheer prep ♦ minis ♦ choreography ♦ private lessons ♦ boys tumbling ♦ critiquing ♦ cheer camps ♦