Beginning Tumbling

This class is great for those with little or no tumbling experience. This class will build coordination and body awareness. Tumblers will learn proper execution of handstand forward rolls, straddle roles, cartwheels, round-offs, and back walkovers.

Beginning Tumbling II

This class is offered to our older beginners or younger beginners who are ready to move at a more accelerated pace. Tumblers will learn many of the same skills as the beginning class, but work on progressing to intermediate skills.

Tumble Tots

This class is for tots who are ready to be on their own. We will teach the fundamentals of basic tumbling. Our high energy and constant praise will give your toddler confidence, self-esteem, and an early love of tumbling.

Intermediate Tumbling

Minimum skills required: Cartwheel, round-off and unassisted back handspring. Tumblers will strengthen proper technique of standing back handsprings, Introduction to Round Off back handsprings and standing tucks.

Cheer Prep

Wanting to polish up your cheerleading skills? This class will emphasize proper cheer technique, motions, jumps, stunting, tumbling and dance. Great for those with the goal of being a cheerleader with a school or all-star squad. Build your confidence and skills with this fun class.

Combination Class

Students will participate in a combination of dance, cheer, and tumbling. Learning dance routines, cheers, and the basics of tumbling. For those interested in one day being a cheerleader and want an early start!

Strenghth & Flexibility

Including splits and back flexibility. Strengthen and condition all of the major muscle groups. This class is challenging, but effective if you want to get stronger and more flexible!

Team Tumbling

Mandatory tumbling for competition teams

Advanced Tumbling

Working on Tucks or higher

Special Needs Cheer Team

Weekly practice for our Special Needs cheer team, RAH Inspiration!